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The Traveller

I’ve had the privilege of losing people close to me unexpectedly.

They may not be my loved ones per se but they are people who my loved ones had loved fiercely.

And I say privileged, not because the deaths were not tragic or sad, but because each time it happened, I’ve been fortunate to learn a lesson or two about life.

And unlike the way we feel after someone’s death- helpless, sad but still moving on, these lessons haven’t gone away from me.

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I used to think that I know a lot of things. Especially when it comes to Islam. I know the hadiths that you know, and I’m aware of basic Shari’ah rulings.

Until I got older and started seeking more knowledge. With every fiqh or Arabic class that I’ve attended, I always leave with one reality. I know nothing.

It even got worse when someone answered a question relating to fatwa in my presence, and she was asked to provide the authentic evidence to support her claim.

I was like “ermmm, do we have to always support our claims with evidence”?

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I think I have only just begun to understand some of the ways by which arrogance can show up in a Muslim. And also possibly how Allah reveals your arrogance to you, or punish you for it.

When we were embarking on our hajj trip, a lot of people prayed for two things for us. Good health and ease of movement within Makkah. As we all know, pilgrims get lost or fall ill a lot during hajj.

I always said amin to these prayers, and I’m sure that I must have asked Allah for good health and ease for myself too.

But in my subconscious, I never believed that I could get ill or lost  during the pilgrimage. I believed that I had the physical strength to perform the pilgrimage, and the intelligence to find my way if I ever got lost. Continue reading Arrogance