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Lessons from Ramadan

I am sure that there is hardly any believer who doesn’t feel sad at the fact that the month of Ramadan has come to an end. The month where the Muslim Ummah comes close to our factory setting, worshipping Allah (ta’ala) as much as possible and rushing to do every good deed we can lay our hands on.

It really was good to see Muslims be at their absolute best for the last 29 days. But as we bask in the euphoria of Eid, I can’t help but reflect on Ramadan and what lessons I have personally learned from it.

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If You Were Born a Muslim…

I’ve always been a Muslim. I was born into a generation of Muslims, and it has always been the first label that I identify myself with.

Everything that has to do with Islam has become second nature to me, and people like me. Fasting, praying salah, using the hijab, saying the salaam, etc. This is everyday living for us.

But there is one danger with being born Muslim, and it is complacency. When you are so set in a way that you do not improve. You are comfortable with your level of faith and you hardly see the importance of seeking knowledge or improving your eeman.

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