Don’t Focus on the Noise

My Yoruba people have a saying that “you focus on your reason for being in the market, you don’t look at the market noise”

Simply put, recognise your priorities and ignore distractions.

How does this apply to us as Muslims?

We are a nation with a specific purpose on earth – to worship Allah (ta’ala). But we are also a nation who has abandoned that purpose in favour of the distractions of this world.

I know that that is a generalisation, but bear with me.

Many of us are fully distracted from our purpose on earth. We chase the good things of life while paying only mild attention to chasing the good things of the hereafter.

We focus on our jobs, kids, spouses, relationships, etc. at the expense of the worship of Allah (ta’ala).

We spend our time trying to please other people or trying to achieve our next milestone.

We spend our time immersed in things that should only be a passing fancy for us.

Then we wonder where all the time has gone.

Ignore the market noise.

Recognise what is truly important to your life and you’ll be on your way to sticking to your priorities.

Many things that we take seriously in our lives are only just noise. Yes, while we are on earth, things like livelihood and family will occupy us.

But we should be a people who understand balance. We should recognise what needs our focus and how much focus we should give to that thing.

Everything else outside of what you deem as ‘important’ in your life is just noise.

And except we deliberately step away from this noise and focus on what matters – improving our relationship with our Lord- we’ll never be able to truly worship Allah (ta’ala) as He should be worshiped.

Fee amaniLlah,

Amina O

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