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Don’t Focus on the Noise

My Yoruba people have a saying that “you focus on your reason for being in the market, you don’t look at the market noise”

Simply put, recognise your priorities and ignore distractions.

How does this apply to us as Muslims?

We are a nation with a specific purpose on earth – to worship Allah (ta’ala). But we are also a nation who has abandoned that purpose in favour of the distractions of this world.

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Be Like Khadijah, Be Like Muhammad 

Quite too often, Muslim men and women love to play this game of putting the responsibility of acting right on the other gender. Especially when it comes to issues related to hayaa and marriage.

Men say that our generation of women need to be more like Khadijah (ra), the Prophet (‎ﷺ)’s beloved wife. As history tells us, she was humble, submissive, respectful and with absolutely every trait desirable in a woman.

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How Long are You Willing to Wait?

My mum just had one of her prayers answered after almost 10 years of asking Allah (swt). In fact, I think she gave up actively asking several years ago, and just chucked it to qadar.

When her prayer got answered, it was unexpected and it came at the most perfect of all times. A time when she will appreciate it the most as a mercy from Allah. A time that she will enjoy it the most if Allah wills.

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Social Media and Our Faith

The beauty of social media for me is how much I’ve learned and unlearned from my interactions with people. And how these interactions have helped me form a better perception about a lot of things.

But then, I look around and I see how social media is destroying our faith, especially as Muslims.

It is not about the amount of time that we spend on each social media website or the company that we keep, but about the subtle ways that social media makes you rebel against Allah.

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Ties of Kinship 

One of my favorite people got married today. It was a beautiful day.

On our way to the venue, we passed by my second hometown. The place where my paternal grandfather is currently a king. I was nostalgic and homesick.

I haven’t seen any of my three surviving grandparents in five years.

This realization hit me as we drove past the place that is currently our family house.

I haven’t been that house in eighteen years.

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